Monday, October 18, 2010

Create DVD From Video files with DVD Flick

DVD Flick is a great open-source tool that handles almost any video file format and can convert and burn them into a DVD that can be used on almost any DVD player—in fact, we’ve covered how to use it before.
Once you’ve installed it, you can start the process by launching DVD Flick and clicking the Add title button on the upper left corner of the GUI.
Then browse to the location of the video files you wan to convert and burn to DVD.
Then you can move the files around and change the order of them.
Go into Project Settings and select Burning. Then check Burn project todisc and give it a label. For best results it’s a good idea to burn at a slower sped and check Verify disc after burning.
It also includes some default menu types you can choose from. They aren’t the most spectacular to look at, but they will do if you need a menu.
Then click Create DVD  the encoding and conversion process kicks off. You can change the Process priority while the process is taking place.
While you’ll probably want to do something else while the process completes (it can take hours depending on the size of the files and your hardware), click on Entertain me.
This brings up a simple version of a Tetris game…which is a pretty neat extra feature.
Or you can just minimize it to the system tray so it’s out of your way so you can do other tasks.
It comes bundled with ImgBurn and since we selected to burn the project to disc it automatically launches and burns the DVD.
When the process has completed successfully, you should have a screen that looks similar to this. Getting back to the amount of time it can take…notice it took 2 hours in this example. We burned 4 AVI files that were a total of 1.17GB.
There you go! To make sure the DVD plays correctly you can test it out on your PC using your favorite player.
This process doesn’t clean itself up though. You’ll need to go into the directory where the AVI files were converted to DVD and delete them.


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