Monday, October 11, 2010

Edit PDF files with the PDF editor

Edit PDF files with the PDF editor

Edit PDF

With Nitro PDF Professional's comprehensive set of tools to edit PDF files, there's less need to switch between different applications to manage and update the contents of your PDF files.
As a PDF editor, Nitro PDF Professional gives you the complete tool set to edit any text, graphics, pages, security, links, bookmarks, and metadata contained in your PDF files, allowing you to prepare PDF files that are ready and optimized for distribution. Best of all, with our PDF editor you can edit documents made from any PDF creation tool, including those originally produced in Adobe® Acrobat®.

Edit text in PDF

Fix typos directly on your PDF files instead of going back to the source file in another application (such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, or WordPerfect). You can change the type of font face, size and color of existing text, correct word and character spacings, and insert new text straight into your PDF files. When you need the PDF editor to insert text across more than one page at a time, use the header, footer and Bates number tools to insert permanent text, numbering and dynamic text like date, author, title and more.
Key PDF editor features:
  • Edit text inside PDF files
  • Insert text into PDF files
  • Insert headers & footers
  • Add Bates numbering

Edit graphics & images in PDF

For last minute changes to images in PDF files, Nitro PDF Professional's advanced image editing tools enable you to select, move, resize, rotate, copy, paste, and delete. To insert images into one or more pages - with full control over the final appearance, size, opactity and more - Nitro Pro allows you to add images as watermarks or overlays.
Key PDF editor features:
  • Insert, delete, replace, extract images
  • Resize and crop images
  • Edit image properties, including resolution, brightness, contrast, and color space
  • Add stamps and watermarks

Interactivity in PDF

Adding bookmarks and links to your PDF files makes them easier to use and navigate. By applying an action to a PDF bookmark or link you can make your document much easier to navigate. Users can quickly jump to other pages in the PDF file, or to web pages. The Nitro Pro PDF editor includes industry-leading tools for automating the process of bookmark and link creation, as well as tools to manually edit the appearance and actions of individual bookmarks and links.
Key PDF editor features:
  • PDF bookmarks
  • PDF links

Edit PDF properties & optimize file size

Editing document properties (including metadata) and removing unwanted objects from a PDF will produce a more professional, client-ready PDF file. With Nitro PDF Professional's optimization tool, you can compress images and remove objects such as form fields, annotations, bookmarks, JavaScript and more to produce a smaller size PDF file. For documents that may be indexed for searching, adding information to metadata fields will aid search filtering, and choosing 'initial view' settings (such as the magnification level) will allow you to customize how the PDF file appears when opened.
Key PDF editor features:
  • Optimize & shrink PDF files
  • Set the document information metadata
  • Set the Initial View


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