Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inside Adsense in the Midel of post

Today I’ll be posting a step by step guy on how to add Inline AdSense code to the middle of your blog posts. Not only AdSense, but you can use this for Yahoo! Publisher Network ads, Bidvertiser and etc. We’ll be going through all the details and utilizing a plugin, and a simple theme hack to complete the trick which will add AdSense block within all your blog posts, published already and to be be published.

But, first of all, why would you want to add inline AdSense Code? Because that improves your AdSense Ad block visibility. You blog post will wrap around the Inline AdSense slot, so that’ll make sure a good number of your visitors reading the post will ultimately see the Ad – instantly boosting your AdSense CTR…

Ready? Here we go… We will insert a blog of AdSense code to everyone of your posts, making the post wrap around the block, to the top left corner. (I’ll show you how to customize this later in the post)

The Method – Adding AdSense code

1. Copy your AdSense code and keep it in the clipboard.

2. Open your wordpress theme editor and open the Single Post Template (single.php) or whichever the template file for your Single Posts. (We’ll add AdSense only to the individual posts)

How to add Inline AdSense Code to every Blog Post

3. Then find the line of code which says:

4. Got it? Awesome! Now, right before this code, insert a new line and type out the following coding. Replace with your AdSense code. (A screen shot is given below)

How to add Inline AdSense Code to every Blog Post

5. Update your theme changes! And you’re done with adding the AdSense code.

Now, you must be able to see an AdSense code being placed Inline with all your posts to the top left corner.

How to customize the position?

Simple. First, you must understand a few things.

One, the php code you hunted down: “” – resembles the function which will call your blog posts’ text. Not the header, just the text and the body content i.e. Images and etc. So, if you insert the AdSense code after this line, unlike the previous example, you should see the AdSense block after each post.

Two, in the Div Container code: “

” – “float: left;” means that you’d align the AdSense block to the left of the post. To make it align to the opposite end, just replace it with “float: right;”.

So, there you go. I hope you’ll find this useful. If there’s anything you’d like to know or clarify, just shoot me a message.


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