Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Internet Modem

Internet ModemA modem is a modulating and demodulating device. It modulates an analog carrier signal and encodes the digital information sent in the signal, as well as it demodulates carrier signal in its bid to decode the information, which has been transmitted. I hope this has answered the question what does modem stand for. To repeat again, the word modem comes from two words, namely ‘modulator’ and ‘demodulator’. You may be faced with a question what is the function of a modem. The function of an Internet modem is to produce a signal, which can be sent over the Internet and reproduce the original date to be displayed on the monitors. One can make use of modems for airing analog signals from driven diodes to radio.

A Little About Internet Modem

The classification of modems is done according to the amount of data, which can be sent and received at any point of time. The unit of measurement used for conveying data transmission is bits per second, abbreviated as bps. There is another way of measuring the data transmitted, which is symbol rate measured in baud, which is the number of times the modem has switched its signal state per second. The signal state is when the data is been sent and received. The different types of Internet modems arecable, digital and dial up modems. Reading on what is a cable modem, will prove to be of help. Cable modems are required for broadband Internet, while for wireless Internet access using an appropriate modem is necessary.

Best Internet Modem

When you want to get Internet access at home, finding the best cable modem is the task at home. If you want wireless Internet access, then looking for the best wireless Internet modem is the task. We will now see Internet modem reviews, which will be of help in buying a wireless modem for Internet access.

Netgear DM111P DSL Modem
This is one of the best cable modems. It can be used for both home as well as office use. Installing and getting the modem working is not difficult, as it has easy installation process. It has about 24 Mbps downstream and 1.5 Mbps upstream. It is able to work with all the broadband Internet access provider.

Motorola SB5101 Series
This modem comes with high speed data service. Viewing any website is rather easy with this modem. Graphics also get downloaded faster with this modem. It can also be used for interactive PC gaming. Consumers can surf the net at a speed as high as 30 Mbps. It is powerful and easy to install.

Belkin N+ Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
This is one of the best modems, which can be used for Internet access. It also has a USB storage port. It is good for home use. Setting up this modem cum router is an easy task. The results of the speed of the Internet at long distance has come out positive.

iiNet BoB Modem Router
This is another very good modem cum router. If you want to use it for VoIP, then this modem router is not recommended. However, for regular home use it is among the best. Setting up this modem router is extremely easy. It can used to combine telephone, Internet and home networking without any other extra device.

The different Internet modem manufacturers also provider refurbished modems. If you do not want to shell out a lot of money on the modem, then you can opt for one of these models as well. These modems may come at less than half the original price. However, it is important to make sure that the modems have been refurbished from the parent company itself. Hence, it is best to visit the websites of the various modem manufacturers itself.


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