Friday, April 29, 2011

Computer Desk

It is suitable to have a big desk in case you have a desktop computer. You need extra roomto place the display, the keyboard, mouse and even the printer. This type of furniture costs a lot and it occupies a lot of space in your room or at the office, especially if you are a student in a dorm room and you have to share the space you have. The decision of getting a laptop instead of a desktop is up to you, but one thing is certain: you will have a lot of extra space and no wires, no extra accessories around and so. 

Furthermore, laptop desks are smaller, cheaper and they give you more space, allowing you to manage your own personal space however you want. Not to mention that somelaptop desks are adjustable and due to their small size, you can place them on your lap and work comfortably no matter what.

As we have established the use of laptop desks, let’s see now some of the examples of such products you can find on the market and how much you should be willing to spend. One example is Lapworks laptop desk Ultralite, priced around $30, offering the ultra-light design, as the name itself recalls and it guarantees to cool your notebook by 15%-20%. You can use it as a desk, but also convert it into a laptop stand

You can choose from five ergonomic typing angles and the screen height can be raised closer to your eyes, so it doesn’t matter if your laptop is smaller. Even Targus comes with such a product, which is ultra-light and it comes at the same price as the previous model. This product is stable and it protects your laptop from overheating. Being made out of plastic, it does not weight more than 15 ounces and if you fold it, you can easily take it around with you and store it in your laptop bag or case. In this way, even if you are traveling by car, bus or train, you can still use your laptop comfortably. Logitech comfort lapdesk comes in a very attractive white design and it is priced around $30 as well. It features a heat-shielding design; the angles can be adjusted, so it improves the position of your neck and head. If you keep the laptop desk on your lap, you will have no problems because it is designed out of air-mesh fabric. 

The profile is thin and it looks good in any room, any design, and any environment. Anotherlaptop desk is the one from Creative, called LapGear Deluxe LapDesk, priced at around $25. This one has the built-in wrist rest, has integrated side storage pockets, built-in mouse pads and again the heat protection and extra safety are engaged. Buyers are very pleased with their purchase and they recommend the product as being one of the best on the market. From LapWorks, Futura laptop desk is priced at $30 can support any laptop size, it cools out your laptop up to 20% and you can turn it into a desktop stand, so you can work better with your laptop. These are just some of the examples of laptop desks you will find on the market and from these companies you can look for other examples as well. The price range remains mostly the same though.


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