Friday, April 8, 2011

Windows 2000 Access Management

Windows NT access is controlled using the following methods:

  • Domains - A domain is used to manage a large group of computers. It is used to control resource access for users. The term domain as used with Windows systems is not the same as an internet domain.
  • Workgroups - A workgroup is used to manage groups of less than ten computers.
  • Local access
Windows 2000 adds Active Directory to this list. When Active directory is used, one server maintains the Active Directory database, and other servers that are domain controllers keep a read/write copy of the database. Active Directory allows:
  • User logon and authentication.
  • Users can find resources using Active Directory.
  • Administrators to manage user accounts, groups, and network resources.

Other Systems

Windows 95, 98, and NT computers cannot use Active Directory group policy.


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