Friday, April 8, 2011

Windows 2000 DNS

Windows 2000 DNS

In Windows 2000, DNS is required to use Active Directory.
Domain Name Service is used to change internet domain and computer computer names into IP addresses and vice versa. DNS works at the application layer and uses TCP and UDP for transport. TCP is only used if returned data is truncated. See the DNS section in the Networking Guide for information about DNS. DNS was originally based on HOSTS files that were maintained by a centralized Network Information Center. Today of is based on a hierarchy of servers with a distributed hierarchial database throughout the network or internet.

DNS Levels

DNS is a hierarchial naming structure with the following levels:
  • Root designated by a dot (.).
  • First level - This indicates country or type of organization such as "org", "com", and "net".
  • Second level - Indicates the organization name and can be purchased for a yearly fee.
Notice that the highest level of the domain is listed last. An example of a domain name that you may be familiar with is:


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